About Brooklyn J. Pakathi.

Brooklyn J. Pakathi’s art-making through and with the use of new media and extended reality applications manifest from internal meditations on the ephemera of intimacy and the resulting outcomes as expressed in large part due to the internet. The works reveal themselves to the artist as they wander through a space of dissociation online. In searching for the connectors of cause, meaning and sense of resolve, Pakathi’s practice fundamentally speaks to the tragic vulnerability of romance.

There are ideas and spaces and technologies that charge their work: engaging with the relationships we manifest with digital technologies, their practice explores the formations of, enactments with and responses to digital intimacy.

Pakathi plays with the aesthetic language of the internet whilst in dialogue with questions of navigating the
intermediary space of transference between body and virtual anxieties of being – their work speaks to an energy consciousness reconciling the external reflections of our internal vulnerabilities.

Balanced within Pakathi’s practice is the relationship between internal and external worlds, where the artist’s own experience of digital anxiety are made visible through their exploration of techno-intimacy, but never becoming the subject or the context rather speculating possible futures and outcomes.

Interested in the synaesthetic experiences of art-production, they explore these themes through mixed and extended realities, video vignettes, digital observations, and photographic interrogations employing text, methods of self-love and meditative healing practices.